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Extreme version of k-fold cross-validation — To estimate the performance of machine learning algorithms

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Here is what they found…

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How different technologies are correlated with each other and how developers use these technologies?

Amazing Insights ….

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Great Analysis Results from 100,000+ Developers and Hiring Managers

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Which role is in demand?

A Quick Implementation Guide

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With Implementation…

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Enumerate : Use enumerate() function : Python’s enumerate takes a collection i.e iterable, adds counter to it and returns it as an enumerate object.
countries = ['USA','Canada','Singapore','Taiwan']
enum_countries = enumerate(countries)
enumerate_countries = enumerate(countries,5)
[(5, 'USA'), (6, 'Canada'), (7, 'Singapore'), (8, 'Taiwan')]
<class 'enumerate'>
countries = ['USA','Canada','Singapore','Taiwan']

With Implementation…

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__import__() function

  • name : Name of the module to import.
  • globals : Dictionary of global names used to determine how to interpret the name in a package context.
  • locals : Dictionary of local names names used to determine how to interpret the name in a package context.
  • fromlist : The fromlist gives the names of objects or submodules that should be imported from the module given by name.
  • level : level specifies whether to use absolute or relative imports.
  • To import a module…

With Implementation…

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str1 = "Welcome to complete Python Course"
str2 = 'Welcome to the complete Python Course'
str3 = """This is a
Welcome to complete Python Course
Welcome to the complete Python Course
This is a

String Indexing —

Use these hacks and techniques…

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Filter Functions

marks = [95, 40, 68, 95, 67, 61…

Code implementation …

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  • Keras fully supports recurrent neural networks and convolution neural networks
  • Keras runs smoothly on both CPU and GPU
  • Keras NN are written in Python which advocates simplicity and great debugging power
  • Keras is known for its incredibly expressive, flexible, minimal structure
  • Keras is consistent, simple and extensible API
  • Keras is also known for its highly computational scalability
  • Extensive support for…

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